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The dewatering effect of ss wedge wire sieve bend screen is not good. What should we do?


A:1) Modify the feeding mode of the ss wedge wire sieve bend screen, change the feeding mode from direct feeding to overflow feeding, and feed along the tangent line of the  ss wedge wire sieve bend screen. After modification, the feeding material is uniform in the width direction of the  ss wedge wire sieve bend screen, and can be fed into the  ss wedge wire sieve bend screen strictly according to the tangent direction, so that the effective area of the  ss wedge wire sieve bend screen is fully utilized and the dehydration effect of the  ss wedge wire sieve bend screen is greatly improved. 2) Because the sieve slot size of the arc screen is the decisive factor of its intercepting size, the management of the screen surface is the key to production management. While ensuring the screen surface is intact, the arc screen should be turned over periodically (usually about three months), so as to ensure that the sieve strips on the lower side of the screen slot have certain edges and angles, so as to improve the detachment of the arc screen. The effect of sludge dewatering. 3) Installing large exhaust holes on the  ss wedge wire sieve bend screen bin to slow down the pressure of the material, make the material distribute evenly in the box, and then feed the material into the arc screen evenly, thus reducing the pressure of the material flowing into the  ss wedge wire sieve bend screen, avoiding the problem of material channeling caused by the excessive speed of material flow, resulting in poor unloading effect of the arc screen. 4) A transverse shield is added to the screen surface of the  ss wedge wire sieve bend screen to reduce the flow velocity of the material on the  ss wedge wire sieve bend screen and increase the movement time. 5) adjust the angle of the arc screen.

B: Actually, the  ss wedge wire sieve bend screen is not so mysterious. Because of the poor technology of processing stainless steel screen surface in China, the screen surface is divided into positive and reverse. You can feel it with your hands. There is a great difference between positive and reverse dehydration.

C: good professional analysis, learning.

D: That's very comprehensive, we also have this problem, the middle slime arc screen dehydration is not good, the replacement frequency is too fast, you said the measures have basically tried, that is, on the bin with vent hole has not tried, you can try.

E: It's already comprehensive! But we have to check the incoming bin regularly. There are always some sundries stuck on it to affect the material distribution.

F: It is possible to increase the inclination angle of the stainless steel strip of the curved screen, and the edge angle is more prominent. The effect is very good. We are now using this method instead.