Filter disc

  • Category:Stainless Steel Filter Element
  • Material:Stainless Steel wire mesh
  • Properties:stainless steel filter
  • Application:Filtration,fuel Filter,Hydraulic Filter

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SANITARY strainers is For dairy, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and other high quality process applications.

·         SANITARY strainers Line sizes from 1" to 6".

·         SANITARY strainers Rated up to 250 psi at 300F

·         304 and 316 stainless steel, polished to 3A sanitary standards.

·         SANITARY strainers is Designed to utilize standard piping - flanged, IPS line connections, acme threads or clamped connections.

·         Micron filter cloth provides SANITARY strainers retention down to one micron, nominal.

·         Duplex designs available.

·         SANITARY strainers withstand full line pressure.

·         Quick opening clamped cover for fast basket maintenance.

·         Available in Styles I, R, and S.

SANITARY strainers  is Quick opening clamped cover

SANITARY strainers handle design ensures positive seating

Gasket to meet process conditions

Polished shell and spun, crevice-free, neckline offer contamination-free service

Clamped outlet assembly for thorough cleaning


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