Filter disc

Industrial Metal Leaf Filters
Industrial Metal Leaf Filters
  • Category:Filter Disc
  • Material:stainless steel wire mesh
  • Properties:Filter disc
  • Application:filtration, industry filtration, water filtration

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Industrial Metal Leaf Filters

Industrial Sintered Metal Filters

UBO company is a trusted name in the industry for manufacturing and exporting Filter Disc, which is extensively used as oil and fuel filter, suction line strainer, extruder screen and pressure line filter. It is available in various sizes and shapes for meeting with the demands of the customers. Our range of filter disc is wide, owing to our sophisticated manufacturing facility and diligent group of professionals.

Micro filters discs are available in single and multiple layers with & without frame, multiple layers with spot welding. 

This kind of Industrial Metal Leaf Filters is made of sintered wire mesh laminates or sintered metalfiber felt.

 Features of Industrial Metal Leaf Filters

Good planeness: using high quality material and every element are cold machined thermostatically in entire process after heat treatment. Perfect technical process guarantees planenss below 1.5‰.
High precision: using imported filter mesh, 100% checking materials and finished goods before sintered to certify every filter disc before delivery, so as to ensure filter precision. The volume of particles in liquid after filtration is less than 0.2ppm.
Big Flow: special sinter technology and mesh portfolio are cores of XL. On the premise of guaranteeing filter precision, flow can be increased 20%. In same working condition, efficiency can be increased 20% either.
Apertures are fine and uniform, no line marks. Consistent thickness of surface filter cake facilitates unloading of scraper blade during operation.
Good interchangeability: machining precision is up to 0.3‰, every filter disc can be interchangeable.

Applications of Industrial Metal Leaf Filters

Widely used in polyester filtration,water treatment equipments,oil filteration,pharmacy factory,chemical filtration and etc.

 Filter Shape:

Could be Cylinder,Cone,Disc and etc.

         Industrial Metal Leaf Filters


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