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The functional structure characteristics of sintered metallic porous material

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Sintered porous metal porous membrane structure generally includes the support layer, the working layer (filter layer), the protective layer. In the filtering layer of the filter layer is generally used inverted cone-shaped porous structure design. With this structure can be completed multi-stage filtration effect, so that the impurity particles will not be too fast in the filter material interception surface accumulation, which is conducive to improving the filter material dust, extend filter work cycle.

1 sintered metal wire mesh structure characteristics

Metal mesh work is the key structure of the sintered metal wire mesh, which directly affects the separation of the metal filter and the overall operating results. The choice of filter itself is much more complex than the surface, which involves a variety of wire size, pore size, cavity area, weaving process and organizational design and so on.

2 sintered metal fiber mat performance

The development of sintered metal felt technology and the development of high-precision filter media have been developed with the successful application of cluster wire drawing process.

3 sintered metal powder

Since the 1960s, in different applications and application environments, there have been resistant sintered powder porous filters such as nickel-base alloy, chromium-nickel-iron alloy, titanium, stainless steel and other corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance. Development to the present, a large number of production and application of sintered powder porous filter mainly include bronze, stainless steel, nickel and nickel alloys, titanium and so on.

International sintered metal felt filter company's typical process is: structural design - raw material preparation (bundled drawing, fiber cutting) --- metal fiber laminated (cloth felt) --- sintering --- mechanical welding ( Component preparation) --- --- --- cleaning --- final cleaning --- finished product delivery.