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How to clean metal fibre sintering felt

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Sintering of metal fiber felt cleaning

Sintered metal fiber felt filtering medium is a concentration of long-life filter media with high accuracy, higher production costs relative to other filters. In order to save energy, but also in the interest of environmental protection, metallic fibre sintered felt conditions conducive to regeneration, can be regenerated. During the regeneration process to take full account of filter working conditions, contaminant type and the filter system cleaning procedure.

Cleaning of the metal fibre sintering felt

General cleaning principle and method as the following:

A.Chemical cleaning

Chemical Cleaning for A, the most widely used and effective cleaning solution for cleaning solvent for acids and bases. Chemical cleaning method is commonly used for collecting polyester condensation filter cleaning methods work best.

B.Ultrasonography less Clear method

They wave is a continuous pressure and swelling wave, this energy is applied to the liquid, resulting in cavitation, continuous burst, resulting in effective ultrasonic cleaning effect.

C.Heat cleaning

Vacuum pyrolysis, heating box hung, fluidized bed, thermal salt bath chemical cleaning method will not work for these is in use should be taken into account when processing method.