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Features for Stainless Steel Sintered Filter

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General sintered metal filter mesh is woven by wire mesh ,to form a number of pores capable of filtering particulate substance, though the smaller particulate . Due to less friction wire, filter precision is hard to control, occur the bad influence but the sintered stainless steel filter is not, it has a five-layer metal mesh network through its metal multilayer metal braiding, homemade commitments made by pressing and vacuum sintering process, has high mechanical strength and very good structure.

Each crew metal intertwined, forming an average filtering structure. This process overcomes the ordinary metal mesh low intensity, poor rigidity, instability shortcomings mesh shape, cleanliness of equipment control less flexibility. Such a sintered stainless steel filter with excellent accurate filtering accuracy, filtration resistance, mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, heat resistance and the processability.

characteristics for stainless steel sintered filter used

Intered metal mesh filter has five layer,they are the first protective layer,the second is filter layer, the third is distribution layer, the fourth and the fifth layer is a reinforcing layer.

Stainless steel sintered filter has good strength and stiffness in the machining and assembly welding good use. the most important thing is that when you use it the mesh is not easy to change. And it uses a very wide range, can work even at very high temperature environment, can also be filtered in the acid environment ,and it has excellent cleaning properties can be repeatedly used.